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At Jump Start 2 Recovery, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our team of qualified therapists brings a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach to individual and couples therapy.

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Meet Our Team - Experienced Therapists in Grand Rapids MI | Jump Start 2 Recovery

At Jump Start 2 Recovery, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our team of qualified therapists brings a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach to individual and couples therapy.

Alexander T. Thompson -

A Journey of Empathy and Expertise

A Foundational Journey in Psychology and Sports

Alexander T. Thompson's formative years were marked by significant achievements in sports and psychology. His early exposure to team sports at Ottawa Hills High School instilled in him the values of teamwork and resilience, while his academic pursuit of psychology at Central Michigan University laid the groundwork for his future career in therapy.

From Case Manager to Recovery Manager

Alex professional path began at the Holden Recovery house in Lansing, where his role as a Case Manager solidified his commitment to recovery and rehabilitation. This experience was pivotal, leading to his subsequent position as a Recovery Manager at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, further refining his expertise in substance use treatment.

Alexander T. Thompson - A Journey of Empathy and Expertise | jump Start 2 Recovery

Specializing in Individual  Therapy

In private practice, Alexander specializes in individual therapy. His approach is deeply empathetic and informed by a thorough understanding of emotional and relationship dynamics. This specialization allows him to provide targeted and effective support to clients facing various personal and interpersonal challenges.

Certified Advanced Addiction Counseling Expertise

As a Certified Advanced Addiction Counselor, Alexander offers a high level of proficiency in substance abuse evaluations and alcohol assessments. This certification reflects his ability to provide specialized and comprehensive services that go beyond conventional therapeutic support.

A Pillar in the Grand Rapids Community

Alexander's impact extends beyond the therapy room into the Grand Rapids community. His work in mental health and addiction recovery has made him a respected figure in the area, contributing significantly to the well-being and mental health landscape of the community.


Meet Our Team

Liz Johnson - Empathy and Expertise Combined | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Liz Johnson

- Empathy and Expertise Combined

Greetings, I am Liz Johnson, and I bring a heartfelt dedication to my role as an independently contracted therapist at JumpStart 2 Recovery, nestled in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. My journey in social work culminated with a Masters of Social Work degree from Grand Valley State University, where I distinguished myself with honors in leadership and service.


A Personal Touch in Therapy

At home, my life is enriched by my partner Dean and my inspiring teenage son, Damien. Damien's journey with autism has not only been my greatest motivation but also a profound teacher. The resilience and strength we've cultivated as a family unit continue to fuel my passion for helping others through their own unique challenges.

Advocacy and Continuous Learning

As a therapist, my core philosophy is grounded in respect for the individuality of each client's mental health needs. In every session, whether in-person or virtual, I aim to create a space where judgment is suspended, and understanding flourishes. Leveraging a versatile array of treatment modalities—including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoeducation, dialectical behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing—I address a spectrum of conditions, from depression and anxiety to PTSD and substance abuse, as well as the intricacies of life transitions, grief, and domestic violence recovery.

Personal Commitments and Interests

I hold a firm belief that seeking help is a brave affirmation of one's desire to grow and heal. Embracing our vulnerabilities and extending compassion towards ourselves lays the foundation for deep healing. In my practice, every client's dignity is a priority, and their worth is affirmed unequivocally.

Serving the Grand Rapids Community

My commitment is to serve adults from all walks of life, offering guidance and support as they navigate their paths to healing. If you are seeking a partner in your therapeutic journey, I invite you to reach out.

For a compassionate, tailored therapy experience, please contact Liz Johnson at  616-512-3210 or, and together, we will chart a course toward your wellness and recovery. Also connect with Liz on PsychologyToday at:

Lexi Millering - A Fresh Perspective in Therapeutic Care | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Lexi Millering

- A Fresh Perspective in Therapeutic Care

Introducing Lexi Millering, the dynamic new therapist at JumpStart 2 Recovery, who brings an invigorating blend of academic excellence and hands-on experience to our team. Under the  supervision and mentorship of Alex Thompson, Lexi is committed to facilitating individual therapy sessions that foster healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles for our clients.

Our Commitment to Grand Rapids

At Jump Start 2 Recovery, we're more than a team of therapists; we're part of the Grand Rapids community, dedicated to enhancing the mental health and wellbeing of our neighbors. Join us on a journey to recovery, supported by therapists who understand the path to healing.


Melissa Rosado, LMSW

- Nurturing Resilience, Fostering Growth

Melissa's journey in the mental health field began 14 years ago, and She has experience working with kids, adolescents, families, and adults in a variety of settings. She completed her Master’s degree in Social Work at Michigan State University and her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at Grand Valley State University. 

Journey of Compassion and Expertise


Empowerment  in Healing and Support

With expertise in psychiatric and behavioral support, crisis intervention, and complex trauma, Melissa offers a holistic approach to therapy. She believes a client-centered approach to therapy allows the client to direct their treatment needs.  Her work across various settings has honed her ability to provide personalized care that addresses complex needs such as personality and mood disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, and PTSD.

Belief in Resilience and Renewal

At the core of Melissa's practice is a belief in the resilience of the human spirit. She is committed to fostering a therapeutic environment that supports healing and growth, guided by empathy, respect, and professional excellence.

Embracing Diversity

Beyond her clinical roles, Melissa is actively involved in initiatives that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within the field of mental health. Her dedication extends to improving the well-being of the Grand Rapids community through collaborative care and advocacy.

Connect for Empathetic Guidance

Melissa is here to walk alongside you on your path to recovery. Her compassionate and comprehensive approach to therapy ensures that every client's journey is met with individualized understanding and care.


For a partnership in your mental health journey, please contact  Melissa Rosado at 616.512.3210 or through PsychologyToday at


Academic Foundations and Professional Aspirations

Lexi's academic journey at Grand Valley State University, where she earned her BSW, laid a strong foundation for her dedication to social work. Her formative internship at Muskegon County DHHS and subsequent tenure as a CPS investigator and mentor honed her skills in child welfare, while her compassionate service in a group foster home further deepened her understanding of the sector's challenges and rewards.

Advocacy and Continuous Learning

Her most recent role as a domestic violence advocate at SafeHouse Center in Ann Arbor has been a testament to her unwavering commitment to advocating for those in need. As Lexi completed her MSW in the esteemed Advanced Standing Hybrid Program at GVSU, she remains dedicated to expanding her expertise, particularly in child welfare and domestic violence.

Personal Commitments and Interests

Outside the realms of academia and professional service, Lexi cherishes her time with family, embraces the benefits of regular exercise, and indulges in the joy of exploration—each activity contributing to her well-rounded approach to life and therapy. 

At JumpStart 2 Recovery, Lexi Millering embodies the spirit of our commitment to growth, learning, and the betterment of our clients' lives. She is an integral part of our journey towards fostering an environment where health and functionality are within reach for every individual we serve. To connect with Lexi, Call 616-512-3210 or through PsychologyToday at:

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