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Probation and Courts


Specialized Services for Legal and Court Requirements

Tailored Services for Court Mandates and Legal Requirements

Alcohol Assessments for Court

Completing a Michigan Alcohol Screen Tool (MAST) NEEDS Assessment.


A detailed face-to-face interview to assess the severity of alcohol and drug use.


Clients are requested to complete intake paperwork prior to the appointment to ensure sufficient time for assessment and interview.


Clients should be prepared with an ICHAT report or a detailed account of their criminal history concerning drug and alcohol convictions.

Our comprehensive alcohol assessment service, priced at $300, is designed for those required to undergo evaluation for court purposes. This hour-and-a-half session includes:

For those seeking to restore their driver's license, our service, also priced at $300, includes

Driver’s License Restoration Services

All components of our Alcohol Assessments.


Completion of a Request for Hearing form (257/258) from the Michigan Secretary of State, which should be brought to the appointment.


A mandatory drug screen at Arc Point Labs (with details available on our Links and Resources page). Please note, the cost of the drug screen is the client's responsibility and should be completed within 30 days of the assessment.

Meet Our Experienced Team

Staff Profiles

Our team of qualified therapists is led by Alexander T. Thompson, a certified therapist with extensive experience in individual and couples therapy. Alexander's empathetic approach and expertise in addiction counseling have made a significant impact on the Grand Rapids community.

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