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Expert Counseling and Therapy Services at Jump Start 2 Recovery

Mental Health and Emotional Well-being Services:

Women holding other women's hand and guy sitting on couch looking at phone | Interpersonal Relationship Issues

Interpersonal Relationship Issues Therapy

Counseling to improve relationship dynamics and communication.

Support for Life Transitions | women consoling hugging another women | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Support for Life Transitions

Counseling to navigate significant life changes and transitions smoothly.

Stress Management | Man Meditating in from of laptop | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Stress Management

Strategies and techniques to manage stress effectively, improving overall well-being.

Man giving two other high fives | Conflict Resolution | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Conflict Resolution

Techniques and guidance to resolve interpersonal conflicts constructively.

PTSD Treatment | women with clip board and man laying on couch | Jump Start 2 Recovery

PTSD Treatment

Comprehensive therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, aiding in trauma recovery.

Man Resting head on women's shoulder | Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling

Supportive therapy for individuals coping with loss and grief, facilitating emotional healing.

Man on women's shoulder in group | Counseling for Domestic Violence Survivors | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Counseling for Domestic Violence Survivors

Empathetic support and therapy for individuals who have experienced domestic violence.

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety | Man consoling other man | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Personalized counseling to manage and overcome symptoms of depression and anxiety, promoting mental wellness.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder | Women consoling another women | Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Specialized therapy addressing the unique challenges of bipolar disorder.

Interpersonal Relationship Issues Therapy | Women holding other women's hand and man on phone | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Addiction and Recovery Services:

Addiction & Recovery Therapy:
Tailored therapy for overcoming addiction and supporting sustainable recovery.

Substance Use Assessments: 
Comprehensive evaluations to understand and address substance use issues.

Certified Advanced Addiction Counselor (CAADC) Services: 
Specialized addiction counseling including substance abuse evaluations and alcohol assessments.

Therapy for Various Addictions: 
Treatment for diverse addictions including substance, gambling, internet, shopping, and food addictions.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction Support: 
Assistance in finding motivation and support systems for recovery.


Work and Career Related Services

 Guidance and support for career-related challenges and professional development

Work and Career Issues Counseling:

Women reviewing document with another women | Assessment and Monitoring Services | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Assessment and Monitoring Services

License Restoration Assessments: 
Evaluations to assist in the process of restoring drivers' licenses.

Alcohol and Drug Monitoring: 
Monitoring services to ensure adherence to sobriety and recovery plans.


Additional Therapy Programs

8-Week Anger Management Psychoeducation Course with Brainspotting: 
A structured program for managing anger effectively.

Individual and Couples Therapy: 
Personalized therapy for individuals and couples to address personal issues and improve relationship dynamics.

Virtual and In-Person Therapy Services: 
Flexible therapy options to meet clients' needs and preferences.

Alcohol Assessments for Court Orders: 
Court-mandated alcohol assessments to determine alcohol use and its impact.

Driver’s License Restoration: 
Assistance in the process of driver's license restoration following suspension or revocation due to substance-related issues.

Man holding women's shoulders and speaking to another women| Jump Start 2 Recovery

Telehealth Services at

Jump Start 2 Recovery

Remote Counseling and Therapy: Accessible, Personalized Care

At Jump Start 2 Recovery, we're committed to providing accessible and flexible care options through our Telehealth services. Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer a range of remote counseling and therapy services that you can access from the comfort of your own home.

Individual Counseling via Telehealth:

Tailored and private counseling sessions for a variety of mental health and emotional well-being needs, including depression, anxiety, stress management, and more.

Prime for Life Program Online

Participate in our acclaimed Prime for Life program remotely, where you'll gain invaluable insights and strategies for reducing substance abuse risks and making healthier life choices.

women speaking with another women on laptop |  Remote Counseling and Therapy: Accessible, Personalized Care

Brainspotting Therapy Sessions

Access our specialized Brainspotting therapy remotely to aid in trauma recovery and psychological healing, utilizing innovative, brain-based methods.

Man speaking with couple with clip board in his hand | Brainspotting Therapy Sessions | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Recovery Trek Drug Monitoring

In partnership with Recovery Trek, we offer convenient online drug monitoring services, ensuring continuous support and adherence to your recovery plan.

Person doing drug test | Recovery Trek Drug Monitoring | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Integration with Your Lifestyle

Our Telehealth services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your daily life, providing the same level of professional care as our in-person sessions. Whether you're at home, traveling, or simply prefer online sessions, our flexible services ensure that your path to recovery and personal growth is uninterrupted and supported.

Getting Started with Telehealth

To learn more about our Telehealth services or to schedule a remote session, please contact us at [contact details]. We're here to support your journey toward healing and growth, no matter where you are.

two men and a women conversating | Jump Start 2 Recovery

Specialized Therapy Approaches

Brainspotting (BSP):

A brain-based therapy method for psychological healing and resolving trauma.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

A therapy approach focusing on changing negative thought patterns to improve emotional regulation and behavior.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT):

A therapy method that combines cognitive-behavioral techniques with mindfulness practice.

Motivational Interviewing:

A counseling approach to strengthen personal motivation for change and commitment to treatment.

 Specialized Therapy Approaches | Jump Start 2 Recovery
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